Benefits Of Learning Tai Chi

Topics: Heart, Nervous system, Central nervous system Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: November 14, 2014
Benefits of learning Tai Chi Quan
In physiological side, it helps with increasing sensitivity of the nervous system, improving heart and lung function, improving muscular strength and endurance as well as smoothing the meridians, blood vessels, lymphatic and circulatory. In spiritual side, it helps with eliminating stress, being knowledge and experiencing the harmony of yin and yang philosophy as well as learning slim life skills. Firstly, we must be calmed when we are practicing Tai Chi Quan and the central nervous system will coordinate the task of organ function both inside and outside the body and it strengthen the sensitivity of the nervous system. Secondly, the breathing style of Tai Chi is deep, long, thin, slow, uniform abdominal and it help increasing thoracic gas volume and ensuring the gas can full exchanged in order to enhance the oxygen content as well as improving heart and lung function. Thirdly, one of the main concepts of Tai Chi Quan is playing round and arcs. The motion plays with bent knees squat type movement and with many hug, bend, and twist turn motions. It enables muscle strength and muscle endurance improved. Fourthly, the period of time of playing Tai Chi must not be too short and usually takes more than half hour and so it can make blood run smoothly like other aerobic exercise and so to promote the metabolism of the lymphatic system, strengthening the individual’s resistance. Fifthly, we need to be “calm intention, no distraction” during playing Tai Chi quan, and Tai Chi requires both hard and soft, breathing coordination, so we felt a brisk after practice. Therefore it helps with eliminating stress. After that, we can learn some concept about yin and yang through playing Tai Chi quan as it is so-called ‘static in Utah static dynamic touch’, which emphasizes the unity of opposites discrimination understand the relationship between yin and yang philosophy. Finally, Tai Chi quan emphasizes calm the mind, body loose. This character...
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