Barriers of Communication

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Communication Barriers
No matter how good and effective a communicator one maybe, yet the fact is that one does face certain barriers, from time to time, which forces them to work on becoming even more effective in their skills to communicate. Given here are the communication barriers that occur while listening, speaking and in the case of non-verbal communications...

Listening barriers:

Interrupting the speaker
Not maintaining eye contact with the speaker
Rushing the speaker to complete what he/she has to say
Making the speaker feel as though he/she is wasting the listener's time Being distracted by something that is not part of the on going communication Getting ahead of the speaker and completing his/her thoughts Ignoring the speaker's requests

Topping the speaker's story with one's own set of examples
Forgetting what is being discussed
Asking too many questions, for they sake of probing

Barriers while speaking:

Unclear messages
Lack of consistency in the communication process
Incomplete sentences
Not understanding the receiver
Not seeking clarifications while communicating

The other barriers include:

An individual's subjective viewpoint towards issues/people, which leads to assumptions. An emotional block, which can lead to an attitude of indifference, suspicion or hostility towards the subject. An emotional block or bias that is based on a third party's view point, or on what you have read/heard. Words can have different meanings to different people, thus blocking communication. Use of negative words

Seven Barriers to
Great Communication
It's not always easy and often takes a lot of determination. But making an effort to remove the obstacles - tangible and intangible - that stand in our way, can be the key to building relationships that really work by Eric Garner

Many people think that communicating is easy.
It is after all something we've done all our lives.
There is some truth in this simplistic view....
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