Bank of America: Fortune 500 Company

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Bank of America Corp.: Fortune 500 Company
Cristina Robinson
Florida State College at Jacksonville

Organization Brief History
Bank of America Corp., also known as Bank of America, has a history that dates all the way back to July 5th, 1784! Before the corporation was found by Amadeo Peter Giannini or known as Bank of America the company had taken quite a journey to be at today’s successful status. The BofA predates five years before America’s first president was inaugurated but at the time was known as the Massachusetts Bank.

At the time when John Hancock was the Governor of Massachusetts he signed the bank’s charter providing authorization for the bank to operate. In 1784 there were only three commercial banks in the United States and the Massachusetts Bank was one of those three banks!

Company Vision and Goals
Bank of America’s vision is to be the world’s finest financial services company. The big bank states its primary goal is to help strengthen the economic and social well-being of communities. They strive to do the through the preservation of affordable housing in neighborhoods, lending to minority and women owned business and providing charitable funding to nonprofit organizations that address the critical needs of individuals and families and community member most in need. Company Mission

Bank of America Corp. ultimately desires to be the best bank services and provide more benefits than any other financial organization in the world. BofA wants their goal to be straightforward and to have a strategized plan to meet this achievement. The financial institution has a customer demographic made up of the following three entities: people, businesses of all capacities, and institutional investors.

To be the best bank in the world, BofA is serving patrons in 150 countries with operations based in 40 countries. In the United Stated alone BofA has 57 million clients and small business partners. To remain on top of the company’s game the...
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