Assignment Unit 4 Legal And Ethical Issuesfin

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Assignment Unit 4 Legal and Ethical issues

Legal issues
Legal issues that affect Northbrook college are:
Data Protection Act 1998: This controls the personal information that the government or organisations have of you and how it will be used. This gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them. The Data Protection act as 8 principles; 1) Data may only be used for the purpose it is collected.

2) Data must not be passed on to other people without the consent of the person whom it is about. 3) People have the right of access to the information held about them. 4) Personal information may be kept for no longer than is necessary and must be kept up to date. 5) Personal information may not be sent outside Europe unless the person whom it is about has agreed. 6) All organisations that process personal information must register with the Information Commissioner's Office. 7) Organisations that keep personal information are required to have adequate security measures in place. 8) People have the right to have incorrect information about the corrected. This affects Northbrook as they hold personal information about every student such as address, next of KIN and contact numbers. Northbrook have to make sure that the information Is secure. Freedom of Information Act 2000: This deals with access to official information. It gives individuals or organisations the right to ask for information from any public authority including: Central and local government.

Colleges and schools.
Public authorities have 20days to provide you with the information requested. They may refuse if the information is exempt from the act. Some examples of the exemptions are: If the information could harm national security.

Could damage commercial interests
This affects Northbrook as the information they hold of you may change such as if you move house then your address will change. Also if you purchase a new phone then your phone number could change and you will need to inform the college. Computer Misuse Act 1990: The computer Misuse act details 3 offences, these are: Unauthorised access to any computer program or data – the most common form of this is using someone else’s ID card and password. Unauthorised access if intended to commit a serious crime.

Unauthorised modification of computer contents.
This means impairing the operation of a computer, a program or the reliability of data. It also includes preventing access to any program or data.
Examples of this are the introduction of a virus, modifying or destroying another users files or changing financial or administrative data. This affects Northbrook as there can be a case of Plagiarism in the college. This means students can copy other students work and give it in as their own. Northbrook help to prevent plagiarism as they have the ability to do electronic submissions which can be entered through and automated plagiarism checking system. They also have data bases of information that they hold and information on the web to make sure students haven’t just copied and pasted from the internet.

Ethical issues

Ethical issues that affect Northbrook are:

Codes of Practice:
Many organisations will have a code of practice to make it clear what uses can be made of their computing facilities. The main uses will be to support the purpose of the organisation, but a code of practice will often define the extent to which private use of the computer system is permitted. Examples of items included in codes of practice:

Use of email – Threatening or harassing emails are usually banned, as well as spamming or producing large numbers of unsolicited emails. Limited use of email for private purposes is often allowed. Use of the internet – Inappropriate classes of websites, such as pornography or gambling, are usually banned, either by the code of practice or by filtering software. Limited internet use for personal purposes is...
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