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Security Management Advanced Assignment 3

Question 1 (Weighting: 10)
Explain how the risk to personnel security can be reduced and how personnel can be monitored without infringing their rights. Give an example of how an organisation might ensure that employees are not at risk, and explain how one would obtain a 'CRB' check.

Personal Security is a prime concern for most employers. By ensuring personal security is acute, other aspects of security for the asset will be enhanced. For instance, my current employer can and does, monitor both my work emails and blackberry, this was clearly stated in my contract and is a basic security enhancement.

Other areas that the employer can instigate could be:
1. Web monitoring service with a list of websites that are not accessible from work IT equipment. 2. CCTV cameras in the workplace, however, this must be in line with the Data Protection Act and The Health and Safety at Work Act (CCTV in areas such as toilets is not allowed). 3. The handing in of smartphones/tablets in certain areas of the premises. 4. Screening of employees baggage on exiting the building.

5. Security encryption and access codes to varying levels of information.

Further to this, the employer can ask all potential staff at the recruitment phase to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check. This process is a new system and resulted in the merger of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). All information for the employer can be accessed here:

While the individual cannot apply for this check a Basic Disclosure Check can still be conducted through Disclosure Scotland ( ).

The documents that are required are the same for both systems with the DSB check being more indepth.

Question 2 (Weighting: 15)
Provide three examples of security equipment or tools that you would recommend for a corner shop, and briefly explain why you chose them, taking into account costs to the shop owner.

The first piece of equipment I would recommend would be a CCTV system capable of both day and night coverage with an integrated recording facility. The SECURIX 500GB 4 channel CCTV kit would fit this purpose. It includes 2 dome cameras for internal use and 2 external “bullet” type cameras with a 20metre night visibility range (for coverage of the rear entrance to the premises). Due to the software included, it can be set up to alert a mobile phone of intruders at any given time. The internal dome cameras have an IR capability which will provide 24 hour surveillance of the premises, inside and out. This system retails at approx. £450

I would also recommend a safe for the securing of the cash float and any valuable stock. For a small sized premises I would suggest the Burton FIRESEC 10/60 Size 1. This safe has been tested to EN15659 LFS 60P standards and gives upto 60 minutes protection against fire. It is also approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors with a Eurograde 1 rating, meaning that for insurance purposes you can safely store upto £10,000 cash or £100,000 of assets before the insurance cost goes up. The Lock and bolts are protected against drilling and it can be securely fitted to the floor by means of a bolting system. Retail price in the UK is £635.

Finally I would suggest a wide front Secure Shop Shutter for securing the premises at night. These can range in price from £180 per metre for the High Security type to £280 per metre for the Police and Insurance approved type. The basic standard I would suggest would be one with an anti vandal tamper device so the system can still be operated regardless of the damage caused.

Question 3 (Weighting: 10)
Explain the main Act that outlines the basis for the security of information in the UK and outline the main points.

The Data...
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