Animal Testing Essay

Topics: Brain, Nervous system, Animal testing Pages: 4 (638 words) Published: November 12, 2014
Jada Wade
Advance Composition
October 16, 2014
Testing On Animals: Helpful or Harmful?
Testing on animals can be dated all the way back to time when the Romans and Greeks were still alive. Scientist would only dissect on animals to find out information on disease, what caused it and how could they find a cure for it. Because it is dated so far back into time and we still are testing on animals and aren't finding many cures many people believe that testing on animals is unnecessary because the results are very unreliable, the experiments cause pain to the subjects and we have many other options to choose from than animals. (Animal Testing 101)

Scientist came up with the idea to test on animals to find results for diseases that occur in humans. It doesn't help that the experiments that they conduct barely help. Over 92% of drugs that work on animals don't work on humans, because they are either dangerous or they don't work, all together. With the remaining 8% that does work on humans, it has to be relabeled because of the side affects that aren't shown when tested on animals.(PETA)

“Not painful to animals.” The excuse the scientists use to justify their actions towards experiments. The Animal Welfare Act which allows animals to be used for treatment but also protected at the same time, has changed over the years, but it still allows animals being chocked, burned, starved, isolated, get addicted to drugs, poisoned, shocked and brain damaged, and much more to happen during these test that take place. Even though the test are painful, the Animal Welfare Act doesn't require pain killers at all. Even though there are different options to use, the law doesn't require them. Because the Animal Welfare act leaves out mice, rats, birds and cold blooded animals, 95% of those animals that aren't protected by that law are used in research, which means they can be used in any way without restrictions.(PETA)

“We don't want to use animals, but we have no other...
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