Analysis-Omnivore's Dilemma

Topics: Agriculture, Organic food, Food Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: April 12, 2013
English 102-T2
Jan 30, 2013

The book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by American writer and journalist Michael Pollan, was published in 2006, and the following year it was nominated as a winner for the best food writing. The author of the book describes four fundamental ways that people have obtained food: nowadays industrial system, the big organic operation, the local independent farm, and the hunter gatherer. Along the way, Pollan insists that there is a basic relation between the logic of nature and the logic of human industry; the way we eat represents the depth of engagement with the natural world, and that industrial eating ruins important ecological connections. In fact, the modern agribusiness has lost touch with the natural cycles of farming, in what respect livestock and crops bound in relatively beneficial circles. Thus, Pollan discusses the common question of what people should have for dinner. The question posed in this book has profound political, economic, psychological, and moral suggestions for all omnivores, the most unselective eaters. Pollan suggests that particular dilemma of food preservation and technologies have created hardship by making available foods that were prior seasonal or geographical. Indeed, relationship between society and nature, once moderated by culture, now finds itself disoriented. Also, Pollan, in his book tells about serial visits and explorations of the food-production system from where the majority of American meals come from. He explains that this industrial food chain is extensively based on corn, whether it is eaten directly, fed to livestock, or processed into chemicals. Doubtlessly, nowadays the corn plant is developed to manipulate American diet through different mixture of biological, cultural and political factors. Moreover, the author comes to the point where the principles of organic farming have lost the purpose of the organic movement and thus, have adopted many methods of industrial...
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