Analysis & Comparative Report About the Supply Chain of Zara &Gap

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Quality function deployment Pages: 4 (653 words) Published: October 27, 2012
OMGT 1039 Production Management
Assignment 1 (20 %)
Quality Control Problem and QFD
Due on Friday 2 Nov 2012 10:00pm
Word Limit: 1500-1800 words
For Assignment 1 there are two case studies. Each case worth 10 marks.

Case 1 The Fred and Barney Cookie Co.[1]

The Fred and Barney Cookie Co. has collected the following data over the past few days: they have a process that bakes and packages a targeted 11-gram package of cookies. They take a sample of fifteen packages every 2 hours and have collected both the average net weight from each sample as well as the range of individual packages weights over the last seven shifts (twenty-eight observations). As flour is the predominant ingredient for this type of cookie, the supplier of the flour used when each sample was taken is also provided. The company uses two major suppliers, Acme All-Rise, the primary supplier, and Baker’s Best, which is currently used as a backup. While both suppliers seem fairly reliable, the cookie company uses Baker’s as leverage against Acme to keep Acme’s price as low as possible.

a. Using the computational factors for the X bar and R chart in Table 4.4, construct the upper and lower control limits for both the x bar and R charts. b. Is the process under control?
c. What would the x bar and R charts look like if you separated samples of the cookies baked with Baker’s flour from samples of those baked with Acme’s flour? (hint: if you have typed the data into a spreadsheet, deleting entire rows containing data for one supplier may adjust formulas to represent the remaining supplier. Do not forget to save the combined data first!) d. Consistent with concepts of supply chain management, how would you explain this? How would you address these findings?

|Sample |Average weight of sample |Range of sample |Flour Supplier | |(Shift#, Sample#) |...
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