Analyse the Legal and Ethical and Operational Issues in Relation to the Use of Business Information Using Appropriate Examples

Topics: Want, Need, Internet Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Data Protection Act – The Company need to make sure that the communications they make don’t get out before it’s released, so the mission statement, livery and strap line need to be secure within the business and make sure that no one else sees it. Freedom of Information Act – The information that the company gather from the public and the government on what they want to see in the business so for example the company will ask the public what they want the company to do and it can be put into the mission statement and they can get their aims from the customers. Internet – The internet could be used for ideas about what can go in the mission statement but it can’t be exactly copied from another business, same with the livery, images can be looked at to get ideas for the livery but they can’t be exactly copied and the strap line would have the same rules. Information ownership – The communications produced need to contain the right information to go with them and they need to make sure that all the information is legal and none of it is copyrighted, it then needs to be kept secure and safe within the business it then needs to make sure that the communications go to the right people to be produced and checked over. Backups – If the communications are in progress of being produced then there needs to be spare copies of them in case they get lost or deleted by mistake. The backups will allow the company to retrieve any work done and work on it again. Organisational Policies – The information contained in the communications need to relate to the business and be relevant. Costs – Each of the communications will cost to produced and finalize and also wages will need to be paid for them to be produced and it may need to be maintained after for example the livery on the vans.
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