Alibaba Case Study

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Case Study: Alibaba

1. Identify a product you would like to import. Visit, go to the advanced search field, and enter it. Select required criteria and click on “Search.” Review the list of companies that qualify. Find a suitable seller. Analyze this process for ease, usefulness, and potential value.

I was looking into importing Football jerseys for semi-pro football teams here in the United States. During the search process of the entire venture was very simple it is all laid out for you very user friendly. The usefulness of the sight would truly help me out with the entire process they were able to give you step by step directions on the entire process of the order. The potential value is through the roof it would cost roughly 35 dollars for 50 Jerseys to be created when normally jerseys cause the team 160 per player I would be able to reduce the price of jersey and still make a huge profit to help me generate new business.

2. List, in separate columns, the benefits and costs of using sites like Alibaba to trade internationally. What does your analysis say to companies like SpinCent (our opening case) as they develop an export plan?

* Quick transaction
* Make greater profit margins
* Import products at lower cost
* Access to many buyers/suppliers
* Lower risk of fraud
* Helpful online forum for advice

* Listings are free
* Searches are free
* Certification cost some
* Personalized web pages cost more

SpinCent is a small manufacture in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SpinCent and companies a like need to make a central part of there export strategy. The benefit of using this site is reducing the cost and making profits greater.

3. Visit,, and Compare and contrast these Web sites from the view of the seller to the buyer.

* Alibaba has a Chinese emphasis and focus, while Trade-India is directed...
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