Alcohol = Bad

Topics: Brain, Nervous system, Neuron Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Alcohol can be very bad for you, especially for teenagers still growing and developing. But, what exactly is Alcohol? Well, Alcohol is a clear drink that is made from grains, fruits, vegetables, or a beverage containing ethyl. It is made when these things are fermented. Fermentation is a process where you use yeast or bacteria to change the sugars in the food into alcohol. When a person drinks alcohol, about 20 percent is absorbed in the stomach, and 80 percent is absorbed in the small intestine. The concentration of alcohol, the type of drink, and whether the stomach is full or empty depends on how fast the alcohol is absorbed. From those organs, it then moves into the bloodstream. From there it affects the nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, which controls most of what your body does. In other words, alcohol can change what you do and how you think in a negative way.

There are a lot of bad effects of alcohol on a person's body. It acts as a depressant and affects negatively on the nervous system. It gets in the way of our vision, hearing, movement and changes our emotions. If you drink a lot, you get a hangover and vomit. It tears the lining of your throat. Also, people normally think that alcohol lessens us from stress, but long term drinking will only add to the number of these problems. If a person is taking alcohol from a long time, they get addicted and it can cause liver damage, cancer, and destruction of brain cells. It may also lead to depression.

Alcohol itself is bad for you. If your under the age of 25, it will hurt the growth of your internal organ and even your brain. It rots your liver and its addictive. It will also destroy your life, 95% of reported sexual assaults are alcohol related. Being in charge of a vehicle whilst over the legal alcohol limit can lead to large fines, loss of driver's license, loss of employment, imprisonment and death. 
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