Alcohol and the average teen

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The effects of alcohol on the human brain

Many teens today face the situation of alcohol and alcohol abuse. Although we cannot make their choices for them, we can persuade them into not taking alcohol by knowing the risks first; a lot like warnings on smoke packages. Alcohol can have a big affect on the adolescent mind. The brain of a an average human being keeps developing to the age of adolescence; people believe that the brain stops developing at the age of adolescence, but in fact, the brain develops into the early 20's. At the age of adolescence, the brain goes under remodelling and rewiring. The underdeveloped brain of an adolescent can suffer irreversible brain damage and may have long lasting effects on the brain. That is why there is an age limit of 19 in Canada and the age limit of 21 in the United States. Many side effects of drinking alcohol are: slurring of words, memory loss, difficulty walking, blurred vision, slow reaction times, dehydration, blackouts(being unconscious) and even death. Alcohol is a dangerous thing a teens should not take the risks. Long term effects of alcohol

unintentional injuries: car crash, falls, burns.e.t.c
intentional injuries: firearm injuries, sex assault and domestic violence increase on the job injuries and loss of productivity
increase of family and relationship problems
alcohol poisoning
high blood pressure, stroke and other heart diseases
liver disease
nerve damage
sexual problems
permanent brain damage
mouth and throat cancers

Short term effects of alcohol
slurred speech
blurred vision and hearing problems
breathing difficulties
After drinking alcohol, many people experience difficulty to walk, unable to gain balance, motor control, timing and awareness. This is because your body will not completely absorb all of the alcohol; some of it will travel into the brain and into your cerebellum. Your cerebellum controls motor control, awareness, coordination and thoughts. The alcohol will tend to make your hands shake a lot, unable to pick up stuff and to lose balance and maybe even fall. After you drink alcohol(ethanol), reaction time or reflexes slow, because the cerebellum controls awareness which is affected by alcohol. For example, after drinking large amounts of alcohol, a person would often stumble, lose control and fall over. A person might not be aware that they are drunk until they wake up from a hangover. A second example for motor control is when a person has no control of their hands and cannot grasp at any object. One more example of balance is that a person has difficulty walking, often grabbing objects to support their body.

Drinking alcohol can have effects such as mood swings, and unable to control one’s self and can sometimes become very violent. The frontal lobes control planning, forming ideas, making decisions/judgement and using self control. Alcohol disrupts the frontal lobes and can create these effects. It is illegal to drive while having more than 0.08 % blood alcohol concentration because the alcohol will affect decision making while driving and become very dangerous if poor decisions are made. Violent tendencies also come from the induce of alcohol. Two thirds of victims who suffered violence by an intimate have reported alcohol has been a factor. Drinking alcohol can also have suicidal thoughts and attempts. In 2002, 3 million youth were at risk of suicidal attempts. The suicidal thoughts and attempts are because the frontal lobe controls thoughts and judgement while under the influence of alcohol. An example of poor decision making is when a person decides to jump down two stories from a balcony. An example of mood swings is that a person will be happy when drinking, but depressed later can be common effects. An example of self control, is when a person has violent rages that he/she cannot control that causes reckless damage....
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