Acute Stress Disorder

Topics: Psychology, Nervous system, Cognitive behavioral therapy Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Acute stress disorder develops within one month after an individual experiences or sees an event involving a threat or actual death, serious injury, or physical violation to the individual or others, and responds to this event with strong feelings of fear, helplessness or horror. The disorder is not inherited. Living with this disorder would not be very nice you would feel scared and like someone is trying to hurt you all the time. Your life span would be normal. The judgment was recognized to make out those individuals who would eventually develop post-traumatic stress disorder. As far back as World War I this condition was referred to as "shell shock," in which there are similarities between reactions of soldiers who suffered concussions caused by exploding bombs or shells and those who suffered blows to their central nervous systems. A person may be describing as having acute stress disorder if other mental disorders or medical conditions do not provide a better explanation for the person's symptoms. Symptoms include: * Lack of emotional responsiveness, a sense of numbing or detachment * A reduced sense of surroundings

* A sense of not being real
* Depersonalization or a sense of being dissociated from self * An inability to remember parts of the trauma, "dissociative amnesia" * Increased state of anxiety and arousal such as a difficulty staying awake or falling asleep * Trouble experiencing pleasure

* Repeatedly re-experiencing the event through recurring images and/or thoughts, dreams, illusions, flashbacks * Purposeful avoidance of exposure to thoughts, emotions, conversations, places or people that remind them of the trauma * Feelings of stress interfering with functioning; social and occupational skills are impaired affecting the patient's ability to function, pursue required tasks and seek treatment Cognitive behavioural therapy is the treatment that has met with the most success in combating. It has two main workings:...
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