Actual and Potential Development of Consumer Demand on the Organic Food Market in Europe

Topics: Organic food, Germany, Sustainable agriculture Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Actual and potential development of consumer demand on the organic food market in Europe Introduction
Since global consume in organic food products has increased during the last few years and their trend is increasing continuously, European countries are considered for one of massive portion of global demand.(p80) So, the purposes of the reported were firstly, compare markets demand for organic foods. Secondary, distinguish organic food consumers. Finally, describe marketing plan and the potential future development of the European organic market. The patterns of consumer demand for organic foods are analysed by quantitative and qualitative data collected in three European countries.(p80) Summary

These days, rapid growth in organic products sector has become noticeable. This research has focused on potential demand on organic products in Europe. It revealed that more than 8 in 10 of the Danish households consume organic products. And 2 in 3 of Italian and British households do so. However, in all three countries, at least half of all households spend a small portion of their food budgets on organic products(p84). The result of this research also gave some possible factors and problems needed to be address in order to continue driving this market in the future. It also distinguish consumer as three groups : regular, occasional and non-user to sketching suitable marketing strategies for market competition. The study mentions that European are potential market in future since the demand for organic increasing dramatically(p89)

Evaluation and recommendations.
Potential market development
This study shown that the large portion of organic products consumers do not buy regularly and spend few money for organic products. Therefore this is considered as the challenge for organic food products in European market. According to the study, confidence and trust are crucial elements to address for organic market success. For that reason organic products need to improve...
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