actions christians should take to preserve the environment

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August 7, 2013

Actions Christians should take to preserve the Environment

Our environment first started when God went to work and put his plan into action. “In the beginning God created the Heavens and Earth.”(Genesis 1) For six days God was at work creating day and night, land and water, vegetation, all living beast of the earth, and then “God made mankind in his own image.”(v.27) God made us to care for his masterpiece, the environment. The environment was created for man by God, and man should in return care for God’s creation in the most outstanding and high respect. As Christians we are instructed by God’s Word, to care for the creation and the environment. This means all that God created, from the land, the vegetation, all living beast, and all living mankind. Destroying what God has created is a sin. God instructed us to rule over the earth and all he created, not destroy and deplete his creation. We as Christians must repent and ask for forgiveness and have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and preserve the holy ground, he has truly blessed us with. God himself stated his work as “very good” (Genesis 1:31), he stated this account throughout his making. If our God values his work, shouldn’t we do the same? When we care for our environment, it is not only glorifying God, it is in a sense taking care of ourselves. When we have clean air to breath, clean facilities to go to, and clean minds we can in return glorify God and live a healthy full life, which our God has intended for us. Faith and holiness can be facilitated if we the people, take care of the environment that God has created and given us. As Christians we need to take a stand and honor God, by taking care of what he has trusted us with, and be obedient. We need to stop procrastinating and start preserving the environment, in a way that will please and honor the Lord. One example we can use, will be pesticides. Pesticides, for...

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