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Data protection Act 1998 (DPA), the purpose of this guidance to local authorities and social services is to provide information about how to keep good practice on keeping records and how to maintain those standarts. This covers eight principles under which personal data must be protected and collected. As well as advice on how to retain and dispose record safely. As well as provide guidence on how to keep records confidential. DPA provides individuals with the rights ( Freddom of information Act 2000) to acces their private information like medical information or other information that authorities have about particular individual. Service user information must be confidential and can be only accessed with their consent. And they should be aware of what date has been kept about them and reasons why they been keeping it.


It is very important to keep information secure and private that individuals and staffs private information will stay protected from unauthorised viewing. It is their right to to have their private information to be protected. It is important to protect information to avoid indentity theft. As well as to keep service users trust between services and service users. To gain their trust, they have to know that their private information is safe and protected and can`t be used against them or seen by someone who has no permission to see it. Without all these things services can`t have confidentiality and trust from service users and their services wouldn`t have any users as people wouldn`t be able to feel safe and protected and would leave them feeling vulnarable as their information could be accessed by anyone.


You can access guidance, information and advice about handling information by reading companies policies and precedures. As well as ask your collegues, managers about guidence and advice on how to access information. Through the code of practice like General Social Care Council that produces Codes of practice...
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