A&P lab 2

Topics: Epithelium, Cardiac muscle, Muscle Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: November 2, 2013
Data Table 1 – Epithelial Tissue Observations



Simple Squamoussingle layer, flattened cells
Simple Cuboidalsingle layered, cube shaped cells
Simple Columnar (stomach)single layered, elongated cells
Simple Columnar (duodenum)long columns in “S” shapes
Stratified Squamous (keratinized)many layers, top cells flattened Stratified Squamous (non-keratinized)flat long strands with nucleus Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnarcells together in a column structure, single layer, elongated cells Transitionalmany layers of cube shaped and elongated cells

Stratified Cuboidal (online)2-3 layers, cube shaped cells
Stratified Columnar (online)top layer of elongated cells, lower layers of cubed shaped cells


A. Why is the study of histology important in the overall understanding of anatomy and physiology?Histology allows us to examine the structure and composition of all our tissues B. How are epithelial tissues named? They are categorized by the size and shapes of their cells C. Why are some epithelial tissues stratified?

It’s because the stratified epithelial tissue is multilayered, as opposed to the monolayered simple epithelial tissue. D. Unlike squamous cells, cuboidal and columnar cells have large, open cytoplasm. Which functions of epithelial tissue are supported by having such big cells? The large round cells allow it to slide or move past each other. It also allows the tissue to stretch .

A. What is the primary function of connective tissue?
It connects the epithelium to the rest of the body. It also provides structure (bone), stores energy (fat), and transports material (blood). B. What can the shape of the cells in a particular type of tissue tell about the function of that tissue? Epithelial tissue comes in different shapes and sizes, for example there is ciliated epithelial tissue, which has cilia that helps it move objects around. This...
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