Topics: Gene, Biology, Animal Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Total Marks-200
PAPER I (Marks-100)
The candidates will be required to attempt five questions - three from Part - A and two from Part - B. PART - A
General organization (general morphology, mode of life adaptations life cycles and economic importance) of the following groups with special reference to the topics mentioned in each group Protozoa: Parasitism, conjugation and autogamy, medical importance. Porifera: Canal system, skeletal structures and their taxonomic value, position of porifera in the Animal Kingdom. Coelenterata: Polymorphism; measenteries corals and coral reefs. Platyhelminthes: Parastic adaptations, medical importance

Nematoda: Medical importance.
Anneilda: Coelom, metamerism,
Mollusca: Shell, modifications of foot, feeding, respiration, shell fishery, Arthropoda: Appendages, feeding: respiration, larvae.
Echinodermata: water Skeleton, vascular system, larvae.
Origin; comparative account of skeleton, circulatory, excretory and nervous systems, development (egg types, cleavage, blastula and gastrula, germ layer/formation, embryonic membranes and placentation) natural history (mode of life, migration, adaptations, biting mechanism of snakes).  

PAPER - II (Marks 100)
The candidates will be required to attempt at least one question from each part. Part - A
Cell Biology: Morphology. Chemical composition and functions of nucleus, nuclear inclusions and cytoplasmic organelles, protein synthesis and molecular genetics. mechanism of mitosis and meiosis. Part - B

General Physiology: Respiration, respiratory mechanism, respiratory pigments, transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide, circulation : haemodynamics, control of cardiovascular system, nutrition: modes of nutrition, digestion and assimilation of food stuff, Excretion: nature and sources of substances excreted, modes of excretions, Nervous system, nerve impulses, Hormones and their biological...
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