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What are the chief elements of the strategy that Whole Foods Market is pursuing?

Answer no 1:
The chief elements of the strategy which whole food market Is pursuing is providing their customer the natural food products with the finest quality standard, least processed and naturally preserved food available in the market. To satisfy and delight their customers and their worker or employee by caring about their communities and the envoirment friendly attitude toward their health. According to the strategy diamond model ARENA:

Whole food arena is the organic food market and beverages they geographically expand their stores and they are follow the horizontal integration by introducing more organic food of different category ,and the channel they use their stores and the value creating policy is dealing in natural foods up to 90% pure and natural organic foods. when didn’t found the sufficient supplier for the organic beef and chicken so they launched their own labeled brand and due to high standard they charge high that’s why they mainly focus on a niche group of people . Vehicles:

They are internally developed themselves by launching their own private labeled brand when they do not have the sufficient supplier for the beef and the chicken. They also use acquisition strategy by acquisition with wild oats market and expand their business into new and big cities but due to unwarranted debt generated by wild oats market it proved ultimate failure. Differentiators:

The whole food is early recognized that the people are more attracted toward the organic food which is free from pesticides and other chemical s which are harmful for the human health they decide to go with the unique and standard quality organic food and make a large section in their store for the organic food. Customer believes them that they are providing quality foods and the finest quality standard, least processed and naturally preserved food. That differentiates them from the other chain stores. Stages:

They are quickly opened larger new stores and reallocated smaller old stores to bigger sites, which were more visible and had more parking spaces. Whole Foods preferred to locate stores in busy shopping spots and real estate sites. They usually did analysis of education levels, population density, income levels, and sales projection factors before taking the decision for the location of the stores. Besides, parking space was a very important factor to sales of a supermarket, especially for Whole Foods that attracted higher income earners. That’s why a big portion of the Whole Foods’ customers might have cars compared to other supermarkets.

Economic Logic:
They think they settled their high cost by charging premium prices which are higher then conventional market. they invest very small amount on advertising as compared to other super markets they are mainly focused word of mouth and they are mainly focused on providing value to their customer by public relation campaigning to encourage adopt natural food.

Is the strategy well matched to recent developments and conditions in the natural and organic foods segment of the food retailing industry? Answer no 2:

Some what! The strategy is matched to recent development and conditions in the natural and organic food is segmenting in the food retailing industry and some of their strategy lack. They are selling not only the natural food they are also selling the gourmet as compared to them their competitor are considering the organic or natural food as a part of their food product and the whole food is differentiate because of selling food which can not kept for a long time like sea food availability in a bulk quantity and the whole food has a hurdle to manage the supply and make sure that the supplier provide them the quality product as they needed. To meet the company standard make sure the supplier provides the finest quality in terms of nutrition, freshness, appearance, and taste. There is no...
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