Vicarious Learning

Topics: Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Gold Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: December 1, 2013
The ubiquitous and, subsequently in our paper, stridently discussed Vicarious learning which predominantly occurs by observing others actions and responses, consequently, note out positive and negative consequences of individual actions and eventually results in imitation of these observed actions. Both Operant Conditioning and Vicarious Learning are parts of BMP and can both affect the behavior and consequences of certain individuals, as, for instance, in our chosen infomercial the ‘Midas Touch Jewelers’ afford customers the exchange of the broken and already unneeded valuables for a high and absolutely consolatory prices. The connection between Operant conditioning and Vicarious Learning arises while side-way people observe the real and genuine response of actual customers after later ones experience this exchange service ‘live’, and happily and lucratively turn back home. Thus, the Operant Conditioning itself can occur indirectly through the Vicarious Learning by observing the consequences (observed positive reinforcement or observed punishment) of others behavior and then modifying own demeanor according to what have been observed. Hence, the Vicarious Learning doesn’t deal with conducting the behavior or experiencing consequences straightforwardly, but with observing, processing, learning and behaving as a corollary from this kind of indirect Operant Conditioning. In the gold-to-cash exchange infomercial there can be distinguished several lucid stages: Show the product usage: the clients’ behaviour

Show positive consequences: positive continuous reinforcement (CFR) Depiction of product usage: behaviour
The behaviour displayed was embodied in show host, the potential customer, who brought her old broken gold ring to Midas Touch Jewelers. The owner Roger Boroway weighted up the gold and gave on the spot the precisely and explicitly counted in front of her cash equivalent of 880 USD. The apparent response was a pure and unfaked happiness. Later on he...
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