The Supply Chain Management Concept

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Multiple Choice Questions
1.      According to Professor Mentzer and colleagues, the supply chain concept originated in what discipline?
c.       logistics (c; p. 33)
2.      The supply chain management philosophy emerged in which decade?
d.      1990s (d; p. 33)
3.      A ____________ encompasses all activities associated with the flow and transformation of goods from the raw material stage, through to the end user, as well as the associated information flows.

b.      supply chain (b; p. 34)
4.      Although nearly any organization can be part of a supply chain, supply chain management requires:
b.      overt management efforts by the organizations in a supply chain (b; p. 35)
5.      Two of the most prominent supply chain management frameworks are the Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model and the ____ model.
c.       Global Supply Chain Forum (GSCF) (c; p. 35)
6.      Which of the following is not one of the processes in the SCOR model?
a.       sell him him him(a; p. 35)
7.      The current Global Supply Chain Forum (GSCF) model identifies ____________ key processes associated with supply chain management.
d.      eight (d; p. 35)
8.      Which of the following are not key attributes of supply chain management?
a.       inventory control
b.      leveraging technology
c.       customer power
d.      a long-term orientation
e.       all are key attributes (e; p. 36)
9.      Contemporary supply chains should be fast and ____________.
b.      agile (b; p. 37)
10.  Contemporary supply chains should be agile and ____________.
a.       fast (a; p. 37)
11.  An organization’s ability to respond to changes in demand with respect to volume and variety refers to ____.
c.       agility (c; p. 37)
12.  What is a perfect order?
a.       simultaneous achievement of relevant customer metrics (a; p. 38) 13. Which of the following is not associated with relational exchanges?
a.       independence (a; p. 38)
14. Positive, long-term relationships between supply chain participants refer to:
c.       partnerships (c; p. 38)
15.  According to the text, ____________ has been at the center of the changes taking place that affect the supply chain.
c.       technology (c; p. 38)
16.  The two key factors that have sparked much of the technological change affecting supply chains are ____________ and ____________.
d.      Computing power; Internet(d; p. 38)
17.  The bullwhip effect:
d.      refers to variability in demand orders among supply chain participants (d; p. 39)
18.  The variability in demand orders among supply chain participants:
b.      refers to the bullwhip effect
(b; p. 39)
19.  Which of the following is not a way to reduce inventory levels?
a.       supply-push replenishment (a; p. 39)
20.  Cooperative supply chain relationships developed to enhance the overall business performance of both parties is a definition of:
b.      supply chain collaboration (b; p. 41)
21.  Supply chain collaboration can be classified as transactional, strategic, or ____ in nature.
d.      tactical information sharing (d; p. 41)
22.  ____ collaborations offer the best opportunity for improving supply chain performance.
b.      Strategic (b; p. 41)
23.  Which of the following is false?
c.       senior management commitment to supply chain management occurs in one of every two organizations (c; p. 42)
24.  Which of the following is not a barrier to supply chain management?
a.       regulatory and political considerations
b.      lack of top management commitment
c.       reluctance to share, or use, relevant data
d.      incompatible corporate cultures
e.       all are barriers (e; pp. 42–44)
25.  Data mining:
c.       looks for patterns and relationships in relevant data (c; p. 43)
26.  Looking for patterns and relationships in relevant data refers to:
d.      data mining (d; p. 43)
27.  In...
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