Supply Chain Management of Garments Industry of Bangledesh a Case Study on Maksons Spinning Mills Ltd.

Topics: Supply chain management, Cotton, Supply chain Pages: 30 (8362 words) Published: April 24, 2012
I. Introduction
1.1 Introduction.
Supply chain management seeks to synchronize a firm’s processes and those of its suppliers to match the flow of materials, services, and information with customer demand. Supply-chain management has strategic implications because the supply system can be used to achieve important competitive priorities. It also involves the coordination of key processes in the firm such as order placement, order fulfillment, and purchasing, which are supported by marketing, finance, engineering, information systems, operations, and logistics. We begin by taking a bird’s eye view of supply chain management, focusing on it implies actions for manufacturers and service providers. We then describe how companies manage their customer and supplier interfaces. Next, we discuss the important operating and financial measures of supply chain performance, followed by a comparison of supply chain designs and their strategic implications. We conclude with discussions of the dynamics of supply chains and supply chain management.     1.2 Rationale of the study.

We believe that the analysis, findings and recommendations will be helpful for Maksons Spinning Mills Ltd. to effectively utilize the benefit of supply chain management & increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their current operations. The use of these tools enables the textile industries to greatly increase its profitability because it is able to match supply and demand in a much more coordinated fashion. 1.3 Objective of the study.

The major purpose of this project aims to develop an appropriate quality yarn manufacturing to turn out quality fabric for direct export and export linkage to Ready-made garments industry of the country.   Other objectives of the study are;

• Achieving a realistic idea that how the system working in spinning industries • To understand the importance of supply chain management in the spinning industries • To define the nature of supply chain management and give real examples of its application in manufacturing and service industries • To control the supply of material and inventory

• To reduce cost and risk
• To maintain appropriate level of supply
• To receive and issue materials smoothly
• To satisfy existing customer and attract new customer • To ensure appropriate use of working capital.
1.4 Methodology.
This paper is being tried to complete micro level study in a confined, specific, and a given period. To prepare the semester project paper we have followed some specific methods and technique, which were helpful for collecting and analyzing data. After we determined what and why we are looking for, then we set adrift our boat to the sea. In this paper we have used mainly primary data. After getting adequate materials we then went through the materials and were trying to find the answer of our objective questions. Different record, statement, BTMA report has helped us preparing this report. The subject material of this report is on primary and secondary sources of and information though we give emphasis on primary data. Sources of information:                          Primary source

• Relevant document studies  as provided by the officers concerned • Observation of various departments
Secondary source
• Annual report of Maksons Spinning Mills Limited.
• Prospectus of Maksons Spinning Mills Limited-2008 published for issuance of IPO. • Brief of MSML chief officers and staff.
• Extensive literature search on the basis of document and publication, BTMA, BTMC, BGMEA. 1.5 Limitations of the study.
We won’t say that our study and the decisions we made are self sufficient. That doesn’t mean that there was any dearth of our professionalism and eagerness to reach to the solution, rather it means that we had to face some obstacles. Those may be summarized as follows: • It was so difficult to collect the adequate and real data from the assigned organization....

References: • Krajewski and Ritzman, Operations Management- strategy and analysis, 6th Edition
• Sunil Chopra, and Peter Meindl, Supply Chain Management- strategy, planning and operation, 2nd Edition
•  Khan & jain(2004), Financial Management-text & Problem,3rd edition, p.g 4.1-4.57
• Prospectus of MSML, published on 18 September-2008
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