Supply Chain Management Midterm Exam

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|Course Code: MGT 420 – INDE |Course Name: Supply Chain Management | |Date of Examination: March 27, 2013 |Time of Examination: 16:00-18:00 | |Location of Examination: TBA |Instructor(s): DR. CHRIS (IDRIS) ENYINDA | |Number of Students: 2 |Number of Pages: 6 |

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• Attempt All Questions. Write your answer on this booklet. • Examination is closed book.
• Standard calculators are allowed. Programmable calculators with graphing capabilities are not allowed. • No mobile phones, books, or other communication devices are permitted in the examination room. • Use of unauthorized material and attempts to cheat or plagiarize will automatically result in a grade of zero for this examination and appropriate disciplinary measures.


| |Discussion Questions |15 POINTS | |Q1 (a&b) | | |10 | |Q2 (a&b) | | |10 | |Q3(a&b) | | |10 | |Q4 | | |10 |

40 Points

Mid-Term Examination, Spring 2013

Instructions: Answer all the discussion questions (40 Points)

1. a) Supply chain managers should be concerned about four flows in their organizations. Describe these four flows and why they are important. How are they related to each other? b) What is the relationship between logistics and supply chain management? Explain in what ways they are different.

For a supply chain to achieve its maximum level of effectiveness and efficiency, material flows, money flows and information flows throughout the entire chain must be managed in an integrated and holistic manner, driven by the overall service and cost objectives. Measurement of cash flow can be used for calculating other parameters that give information on a company's value and situation. Logistics is the flow's management of products, services and information from the origin point (suppliers) to the end (final customer). It involves the management of four basic sub-systems: supply, production support, distribution and returns.

SCM is a broader concept, it involves the logistics management of the processes carried out within all members in supply chain and also, the relationships management with suppliers, logistics providers, clients and final customers, aiming partnerships or strategic alliances, in order to enable the intense information sharing and also resources (physical, monetary, knowledge) sharing.

2. a) Why are ports so important for global supply chains? Identify challenges UAE has with its ports. b) Identify and explain some of the more common ‘drivers’ and ‘facilitators’ of supply chain relationships.

Ports are a critical part of global supply chains and also a major focus for global security. America’s ports are a vital part of its global...
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