Sample Exam for Skill Acq

Topics: Nervous system, Motor control, Central nervous system Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: April 12, 2013
SC114 quiz –
Define Motor learning: Acquisition of new skills (skill acquisition)

Which attention theory describes the inability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously due serial processing of information? Filter theory Define Motor control: How the neuromuscular system functions to enable coordinated movement

The transport and grasp components of prehension have been shown to work: Cooperatively Define Motor development: Human development from infancy to old age Using gentile’s taxonomy of motor skills, teeing off whist at the driving range during heavy wind conditions can be categorised as: 1B What are the three motor skill classifications that use one-dimension system? Size of primary musculature required, Specificity of where actions begin or end, and Stability of the environment context.

Define Alternative Theories (Resource capacity theories): Difficulty doing multiple tasks simultaneously because of limitation due to availability of resources needed to carry out tasks

Which procedure involves assessing the degree of interference caused by one task when a person is simultaneously performing another? Dual task procedure The capacity of the motor control system to achieve an action goal in a variety of different situations is called: Motor equivalence Define Central Resource Capacity Theories (Circle): Propose one central (i.e., CNS) source of attention resources for which all activities requiring attention compete

Name the two categories of the Size of primary musculature in a one dimension system: Gross motor skills and Fine motor skills. Which loop system involves feedback? Closed loop systems
Working memory begins to lose information following how many sec? 20-30 sec Name the three categories of the Specificity of where actions begin or end, in a one dimension system: Discrete motor skills, Continuous motor skills and Serial motor skills. The motor control system finds it easier to perform what kind of bimanual tasks? Symmetric...
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