Psychology 102 Study Guide Modules 1-3

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PSY 102: Chapter 1-2 Study Guide
Define psychology
Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes, this includes peoples thoughts, emotions, perceptions, memories, reasoning, and biological activities. Define the cerebral cortex

The layer of unmyelinated neurons (gray matter) forming the cortex of the cerebrum. The cerebral cortex is responsible for higher functions of the nervous system, including voluntary muscle activity and learning, language, and memory. It is composed of neurons and axons.

Define hemisphere as it relates to the brain
The left side of the brain controls the functions of the right side of the body. That also includes controlling speech and language functions. This is to the left of the corpus callosum. The right side of the brain controls the function of the left side of the body. That includes controlling perception of spatial and nonverbal concepts Define descriptive research

Designed to investigate a person, group, or patterns of behavior. Define correlation study
Where two variables are examined to determine whether they are associated, or “correlated.” Define neurotransmitter
These are chemicals that carry messages across the synapse to the dendrite- and sometimes the cell body- of a receiver neurons. Lists:
List the four goals of psychology.
List the four lobes of the cortex. Describe their functions. Frontal lobes: control motor functions, impulse control, and memory occipital lobes: control vision and color
Parietal lobes: control speech, information processing, and cognition Temporal lobes: controlling hearing, memory, and emotional responses List and describe the three ways that neurons fire.

Positively charged particles enter the cell membrane and change the charge in the part of the neuron from negative to...
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