Notes on the Telencephalon of the Reptile

Topics: Nervous system, Thalamus, Cerebral cortex Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: May 26, 2014
- An eminent student of the nervous system stated his disappointment with the contribution made by comparative method to an understanding of cerebral function.

- "I believe that precise comparative data, carefully analyzed, can lead to testable hypotheses concerning the taxonomy of behavior; that by observation and experiment such hypotheses can then be tested ad the resulting data systematized. These systematic taxonomic schemes then serve as a base for further hypotheses."

- "The similarities among these pathways in each class seem sufficient to support the proposition that pathways were already established in the common ancestors of these groups. Comparative studies of the structure and function of these pathways may provide a basis for tracing the evolution of behavior."

- "Identifying homologous structures depends in turn on revealing similarities which are so extensive that they are indicative of descent from a common ancestry. In the present paper the visual pathways to the telencephalon are compared in birds, reptiles and mammals. All three vertebrate classes share two pathways, one which projects from the retina to the dorsal thalamus and then to the telencephalon and one which travels first to the optic tectum and from the tectum to the dorsal thalamus before projecting to the telencephalon. "

- "Large injections of horseradish peroxidase were placed in the non-cortical telencephalon in a reptile, Caiman crocodilus. The number of retrogradely labeled and unlabeled neurons in two sensory thalamic nuclei, nucleus rotundus (vision) and nucleus reuniens pars centralis (audition) were counted. The percentage of unlabeled cells in each nucleus was less than 1%. These data suggest that each of these thalamic nuclei contain few, if any, intrinsic or local circuit neurons."

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