NeuroPhsioEX 3

Topics: Nervous system, Action potential, Myelin Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Neurophysiology Lab Report

Activity 1:

1. What was your observed threshold voltage?
The voltage at which I first observed an action potential was 3.0V 2. How does this tracing compare to the one that was generated at threshold voltage? The small increase in voltage causes a small increase in the height of the action potential peak. 3. What reasons can you give for your answer?

Recruitment of the nerve’s neurons. Increasing the voltage will cause most of the neural fibers to experience depolarization. 4. At what voltage did you no longer observe an increase in the peak of the action potential trace? Maximum voltage or the point beyond which no further increase occurs in the peak of the action potential trace was 4.0V

Activity 2-4:

1. What did you observe when the glass rod contacted the nerve? An action potential is generated as I touch the rod to the nerve. 2. How does this tracing compare with the other tracings you have generated? The tracing is identical to the tracing generated at the threshold voltage. 3. What did you observe when the heated glass rod contacted the nerve? An action potential is generated when you touch the heated rod to the nerve, through a thermal stimulus. 4. How does this trace compare to the trace that we generated with the unheated glass rod? The tracing shows the action potential peaking slightly higher than the peak generated by the unheated rod. 5. What did you observe when you added sodium chloride and hydrochloric acid solutions to the nerve? Dropping hydrochloric acid on the nerve generates an action potential, through a chemical stimulus. 6. Summarize your experimental results: What kinds of stimuli can elicit an action potential? Electrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical stimulation are all capable of generating an action potential in a nerve.

Activity 5:

1. What are the effects of ether on the nerve?
The screen displays a flat line, indicating no nerve response. The nerve has been anesthetized...
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