Movie Review for Erin Brockovich

Topics: Hinkley, California, Erin Brockovich, Edward L. Masry Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Erin Brockovich: Movie Review
I. Car Accident
There is negligence in the part of the doctor. He beat the red light which resulted in an accident, heating Erin’s car. An obligation arises from quasi-delict since there is no contract but there is damage. II. Masry and Erin (Court trial)

There is incidental fraud in the part of Ed Masry. A contract started between him and Erin. But after the trial, Ed started to ignore Erin by not returning her phone calls. III. Masry and Erin (Work)

Ed Masry hired Erin, creating a contract between them. Erin committed Contractual Negligence due to unaccountability for a week while investigating on a certain case. IV. Nanny
Erin hired a second nanny, creating a contract between them. The nanny committed contractual negligence when she left Erin’s children in her house without any consent from Erin because something important came up. V. Bills

There is a Contractual Period between Erin and a phone company. She loses the period because she became insolvent. This resulted into a Pure Obligation on Erin. The company is now demanding her payment through giving the final notice before they extinguish the contract. VI. PG&E

There is Criminal Negligence in PG&E’s part because the ponds containing water with harmful chromium 6 had a leak. It affected the water supply of Hinkley resulting into numerous diseases. They also committed Past Incidental Fraud. Since the start of their service during the 1960s they have already been lying to the residents of Hinkley. * Lied by publicizing their use of chromium-3 instead of chromium-6 through pamphlets and seminars. * Paid doctors to lie to the residents of Hinkley about the true cause of their diseases. * Buying properties in Hinkley to cover up the mess they made. These crimes resulted into civil liabilities. There is indemnification when PG&E paid $333,000,000 for the damages they caused. VII. Atty. Kurt Potter’s firm made a contract with Masry & Vititoe firm to strengthen the...
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