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Topics: Spinal cord, Nervous system, Brain Pages: 6 (1467 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Chapter 8
Vocabulary in the power point slides.
Starting on page 240:
Afferent nerves-transmitters of nerve impulses toward the CNS; sensory nerves Analgesia-without sensitivity to pain
Anesthesia-without feeling or sensation
Aphasia-inability to communicate through speech, writing, or signs because of injury or disease to certain areas of the brain Arachnoid membrane-weblike middle layer of the three membranous layers surrounding the brain and spinal cord Ataxia-without muscular coordination

Autonomic nervous system-part of the nervous system that regulates the involuntary vital functions of the body Axon-part of the nerve cell that transports nerve impulses away from the nerve cell body Bradykinesia-abnormally slow movement

Cauda equine-lower end of the spinal cord and the roots of the spinal nerves Cell body-part of the cell that contains the nucleus and the cytoplasm Central nervous system-one of the two main divisions of the nervous system Cephalalgia-pain in the head;headache

Cerebellum-part of the brain responsible for coordination voluntary muscular movement Cerebral concussion-brief interruption of brain function
Cerebral contusion-small scattered venous hemorrhages in the brain Cerebral cortex-thin outer layer if nerve tissue
Cerebrospinal fluid- fluid flowing through the brain and around the spinal cord that protects them from physical blow or impact Cerebrum-largest and uppermost part of the brain
Craniotomy-surgical incision into the cranium or skull
Dementia-progressive irreversible mental disorder in which the person has deteriorating memory Demyelination-destruction or removal of the myelin sheath that covers a nerve or nerve fiber Dendrite-projection that extends from the nerve cell body

Dura mater- outermost of the three membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord Dyslexia-condition characterized by an impairment of the ability to read Dysphasia-difficult speech
Efferent nerves-transmitters of nerve impulses away from the CNS; know as motor nerves Epidural space-space immediately outside the dura mater that contains supporting cushion of fat Epilepsy-neurological condition characterized by recurrent episodes of sudden brief attacks of seizures Gait-style of walking

Ganglion-knotlike mass of nerve tissue found outside the brain or spinal cord Gyrus-one of many elevated folds of the surface of the cerebrum Hemiparesis-slight or partial paralysis of one half of the body Hemiplegia-paralysis of one half of the body

Hypothalamus-part of the brain located below the thalamus that controls many functions Medulla oblongata-one of the three parts of the brain stem
Meninges-three layers of protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord Motor nerves- transmitters of nerve impulses away from the CNS Myelin sheath-protective sheath that covers the axons of many nerves in the body Narcolepsy-uncontrolled, sudden attacks of sleep

Nerve-cordlike bundle of nerve fibers that transmit impulses to and from the brain and spinal cord Nerve block-injection of a local anesthetic along the course of a nerve or nerves to eliminate sensation Neuralgia-severe, sharp, spasmlike pain that extends along the course of one or more nerves Neuritis-inflammation of the nerve

Neuroglia-supporting tissue of the nervous system
Neurologist-physician who specializes in treating diseases and disorders of the nervous system Neurology-study of the nervous system
Neuron-nerve cell
Neurotransmitter-chemical substance within the body that activates or inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses at synapses Nucal rigidity-rigidity of the neck
Paraplegia-paralysis of the lower extremities and trunk due to spinal cord injuries Parasympathetic nerves-nerves of the ANS that regulate essential involuntary body functions Paresthesia-sensation of numbness or tingling

Peripheral nervous system-part of the nervous system outside the CNS Pia mater-innermost of the three membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord...
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