JKL Simulated Business

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Simulated business: JKL Industries

Business and strategic planning
JKL Industries is an Australian owned company selling forklifts, small trucks and spare parts to industry. We deliver value to customers and investors through our highly trained, motivated, and expert workforce. Vision

JKL Industries believes in developing and unlocking the potential of its people to allow the company to become the leading supplier of forklifts, small, medium and large trucks in Australia. Company values

Performance excellence
Value for investors, customers and employees
Personal and professional development
Strategic planning
Strategic objectives
Operational objectives
Provide value to investors and owners
Increase overall profitability by 10% over next three years
Reduce costs through negotiations with suppliers

Reduce costs through HR management efficiencies

Increase revenue through providing increased customer value

Exit underperforming markets; JKL will withdraw from the rental market and close the rental division within the next 18 months

HR partners with business to help business achieve financial goals HR completes scan of external conditions and market/industry forces impacting competitiveness and capability development Provide value to customers

JKL will continue to sell and service forklifts and expand their market share by 7% within the next 12–18 months Provide quality customer service

JKL will expand existing branches to include the sale of medium and large trucks within 18 months

HR partners with business to help business meet customer needs HR partners with front line managers to help them meet the needs of customers through motivated, competent and well- equipped staff Develop human potential

Provide required training
Deliver training to upskill rental employees

Conduct skills audits and needs analysis for all roles to be filled by recruitment strategy

Become an employer of choice
Provide personal development plans for all employees

Provide best in industry programs incentives and HR services

Manage performance and adherence to organisational values
Complete twice-yearly performance reviews

Communicate organisational values and code of conduct
Continuously improve operations and management efficiency
Monitor performance in all areas of strategy and operational efficiency Monitor management inputs such as completion of reporting and coaching requirements

Monitor stock turns of forklifts, trucks, etc.

Monitor HR service delivery efficiency
Operational plan
JKL intends to implement operational plans to realise strategic objectives. Key aspects to operations include human resources, performance management, physical and financial resources and workflow. Human resources

The organisation is currently using a HR business partner model with a human resources officer aligned to each of the three key business areas: Sales, fleet rentals, and service. JKL employees over 190 personnel in the following categories as demonstrated in the organisation chart below.

The Managing Director reports to a board of directors and is based in the Sydney corporate office, along with the Operations Manager, HR Department and the Finance and Administration team. The HR Manager reports to the operations manager and heads up the HR centres of excellence that include recruitment, learning and development, and employee relations and services. In each of the state-based sites there is a branch office consisting of an office building, warehouse, service department and sales office. The Human Resources Officers (Business Partners) report to both the HR Manager at Head Office and their respective managers in the branches. A summary of human resources at each location appears below: Sydney head office

30 full-time and casual sales and customer service people (8 sales consultants; 8 retail sales consultants; 5...
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