Jamie Oliver transcript for spoken language

Topics: Jamie Oliver, Long shot, Pastry Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: February 8, 2014
Transcript for Jamie Oliver's Steak and Guinness Pie - Jamie at Home (Close up) I got 3 onions here (.) peeled and sliced (.)
(long shot) with a little olive oil (.) salt and pepper (.)
(Close up) I want (1) a sprig (1) of (1) rosemary (1) and then I've got 3 cloves of garlic (2) and at this point I want a nice nub of butter (2) straight in (1) while its melting (.) (medium shot) I've got 2 sticks of celery

(close up) (2) 2 carrots (1) peeled (.) and sliced (2) mushrooms (2) (long shot) slice em up (2)
(close up) and then over here I've got (.) inch (1) dice (1) (long shot) of (.) brisket of beef (1)
(close up) and straight in there (1) big (.)
(long shot) pinch of pepper (1)
(close up) a big (.) pinch (.) of salt (1)
(long shot) and then (1) one (.) can (.)
(close up) just under a pint (1) of (.) guinness (1) just gonna pour that in (3) and I just wanna stir in (1) (medium shot) a heaped table spoon (.)
(close up) of flour (.)
(medium shot) just get a little bit of water or beef stock (.) and just (.) (close up) top that up (.) just a little bit (2) lid goes on (1) (long shot) and put that in the oven just to let all the flavours mix up (.) er (.) and your gonna get a really nice (1) robust (.) stew (1) perfect for (1) either for a stew or a filet CAMERA CUTS

(close up) right (.) this stews been in (1) for about two hours (.) let's have a little look (.) I'm cheating (1) cos I'm actually gonna use a pre bought (.) puff pastry (1) and I wanna just cut off (1) a third of it (1) just like that (2) for my lid (1) and on a litta bitta flour (2) and I wanna get this pastry (1) rolled out (1) (medium shot) to about 3 millimetres thick (1)

(long shot) take the pastry (.) to one side (1) get my lovely dish (close up) (3) let the sides in (.) here (1) I've got a hundred grams on cheddar cheese (1) stirred into the stew (1) (medium shot) get this filling (1) in here (1)

(close up) like this (2) you want another 100 grams (1) of cheese (1) (long...
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