general psychology

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General Psychology

Operational definitions
-Academic achievement depends on the student. A child could have maladaptive strategies but also exhibit norm breaking behavior. -The ability to match faces with corresponding names is easier done if one is to see the persons face first and then write down the name, also one will be able to remember the faces for a longer length of time this way; rather than showing the name and having to give facial characteristics.

-Dendrites receive information and send it toward the cell body. -The Cell body makes the material necessary for the neuron’s growth and maintenance. -The Axon carries information from the cell body to other cells. Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters carry information across the synaptic gap to the next neuron by opening the channel on the receptor site, triggering the neuron to fire. Neurotransmitters can also inhibit neurons from firing. -GABA keeps many neurons from firing, this helps to control the precision of the signal being carried from one neuron to the next. Low levels of GABA can cause anxiety.

-Norepinephrine inhibits the firing of neurons in the central nervous system, but excites the heart muscle, intestines, and urogenital tract. Norepinephrine also helps control alertness. Low amounts of Norepinephrine can cause depression and manic, agitated behavior. -Serotonin regulates sleep cycle, mood, attention, and learning. Low levels of serotonin can cause depression.

-Endorphins are natural opiates that stimulate the firing of neurons. Endorphins also shield the body from pain and elevate feelings of pleasure. Increased Endorphins can cause feelings of happiness.

History of Psychology
-Behavioral approach to psychology emphasizes the study of behavioral responses to the environment and focuses on behavior not thoughts or feelings. -Psychodynamic approach to psychology emphasizes the conflict between biological drives and societies demands, and early...
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