Final Exam for International Business

Topics: Globalization, Multinational corporation, International trade Pages: 4 (1078 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Prof. Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, SE, MCom-Hons, CSRS, Ph.D: International Business, PAGE 1

International Undergraduate Program
Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Brawijaya The Department of Accounting Course Exam Date Lecturer Exam Exam Status : International Business : January 2012 : Prof. Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, SE, MCom-Hons, CSRS, Ph.D : Final Exam : Take Home (Submit your answer as exam scheduled)

Why Study International Business?
International business affects the activities of every consumer, every worker, company, and government all over the world, whether they are in Cyprus, Iceland, the United States, Australia, Brazil, Nepal, Nigeria, Russia or Indonesia. Falling trade barriers, increasing competition, and converging consumer tastes are creating global markets for many different products and services. Consumers throughout the world enjoy greater product selection at better prices than ever before. Workers often find themselves competing for jobs against workers in another country thousands of miles away. Companies directly involved in international production or marketing confront cultures, political systems, and economic systems that can differ greatly from their own. Local, regional, and national governments work to attract jobs by offering incentives for companies to locate in specific places. Each of us experiences the result of dozens of international business transactions every day. You wear a Gap T-shirt made in Egypt; you drive your Japanese Toyota that was assembled in Indonesia, with parts manufactured in 120 different countries; you wear Nike shoes assembled in China, with parts coming from many different countries; you drink your coffee at the local café in your hometown in Nicosia, Cyprus, with coffee beans harvested in Brazil or Kenya, etc. You don’t even have to set foot out of your own hometown to be affected by international business. Through e-commerce you can make an international business transaction, for...
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