Topics: Muscular system, Muscle, Embryonic stem cell Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 13, 2014
Genetic Counselor Decision-Making

Two parents, Jenny and Bob Miller, are both well educated and rich. They have two children, James and Andrew, who are both stricken with muscular dystrophy. The prognosis is that their muscular systems will gradually deteriorate, resulting in an early death. Yet the advances of medicine hold out the promise of a possible cure in the foreseeable future with gene therapy. Closer to hand is the possibility that embryonic muscle cells from normal individuals might be injected into people suffering from muscular dystrophy, which could bring about partial relief for James and Andrew. There are risks, however, as with any experimental method, such as the possibility of immunological rejection of the foreign cells.

As their genetic counselor, what recommendations do you have for Jenny and Bob Miller?

Potential Items to research:

Muscular Function
Muscular Dystrophy
Scientific Research and Politics
Role of FDA
Family Health Care Decisions

Summarize your suggestions in a full page, 12-point font, double-spaced. Justify your decision.

Source: Modified from: http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/projects/cases/davis_notes.html Muscular Dystrophy is a group of more than 30 diseases that are inherited. All of them cause muscle loss. The different types affect different people, different muscles and show different symptoms. Muscular dystrophy also creates defects in the central nervous system, which affects things like speech. This group of diseases is very unpredictable and can show up anytime from your childhood to your middle ages or later. There are different stages of this disease and some cases escalate more rapidly than others. Eventually though, all cases cause the muscle to deteriorate and the result is death earlier than the average life expectancy. As of now, in today’s world there is no cure for muscular dystrophy. There are only temporary treatments that can relieve...
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