Chapter 22 Apwh

Topics: Black Death, Indian Ocean, Zheng He Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Chapter Twenty-Two
1. Identify the most significant land and sea routes in the fourteenth century. What societies tended to control and profit from these routes? The most significant routes were the Silk Road & sea lanes in the Indian Ocean. With the silk road, Eurasia & west Africa profited while in the sealanes, southeast Asia, India, Arabia, Africa, China, Japan, & Africa profited.

2. What was the role of religion in the cultural interactions of this era? Which religion had the greater international impact, Christianity or Islam? Explain. Religion controlled diplomacy between people and society. Christianity had the greater impact because they were alliances who joined against the Muslims. |

3. Give some specific examples of agricultural and technological diffusion along the trade routes. Agricultural and technological diffusion include citrus fruits, Asian rise, cotton, and sugarcane. Stories, gunpowder, and magnets was also exchanged.

4. Summarize the origins and the progress of the bubonic plague of the fourteenth century. Which regions were hit the hardest? Which regions were largely spared? The Bubonic Plague is also known as the Black Death which spread from south-west China and carried by fleas on rodents, merchants, and travelers. It affected China and Europe the most. India, Africa, and northward places were unaffected.

5. What were the social and economic outcomes of the plague? Big labor shortages and the want/need for higher wages. Population increases and rapid decreases; later, death and riots.

6. How did the Ming dynasty rebuild the economy of China? Willing labor to repair and rebuilding irrigation systems. They Promoted the manufacturing of porcelain and silk and attempted a Cultural revival.

7. Note the kind of state to emerge in the fifteenth century in northern Italy, France, England, and Spain. Which was the most powerful state at this time?

8. What were some of the distinctive elements...
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