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Q. What different types of documents may you be asked to produce and which styles should you use?I have been asked to produce a slideshow using powerpoint.I was asked to make a postcard using publisher.I was asked to make name labels for art work so I used Word and designed and table.| Q. What is the difference between producing text from own notes and producing text from others’ notes?The difference between the notes are the handwriting, if they are understandable, understandable abbreviations, understandable spellings.| Q. Why is it important to confirm the purpose, content, style, quality standards and deadlines for the document?To ensure task is completed on time, allowing time to check for accuracy.| Q. How do you check for accuracy and correctness when preparing text from notes – including spelling and grammar – and why is it important?Use spell checker, read it over slowly checking the spellings, ask someone else to proof read it.| Q. Why is it important to store the document safely and securely and how to do so?It is important to store the document safely so you can access it at a later date, you click file and save as and name your document so it is easier to find.| Q. What is the importance of confidentiality and data protection in your organisation?It is important to keep peoples details confidential as part of the data protection act and to help reduce identity theft.| Q. Why is it important to meet quality standards and deadlines?It is important to keep quality to keep a good reputation. It is important to keep to deadlines to ensure you don’t slow anybody else down and to avoid disappointment.|

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