Biology Ch 32/33 Worksheet

Topics: Annelid, Cnidaria, Flatworm Pages: 4 (680 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Chapter 32/33: Invertebrates

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Sponges are basal animals that lack true tissues

1. Sponges are in the phylum Porifera. This group is now known to be polyphyletic, and all sponges belong to either phylum Calcarea or phylum Silicea. They are the simplest animals and lack true tissues. Label the following: pores, spongocoel, epidermis, amoebocytes, choanocyte, flagellum, spicules, epidermis, and mesohyl.

On this sketch of a typical sponge, explain how water flows through the body of a sponge, and describe how it obtains food.

2. What is the feeding method of a sponge?

3. Go back to the labels you applied to the figure above, and explain or define each term: osculum, spongocoel, epidermis, pore, mesohyl, amoebocyte, choanocyte, spicules.

4. Most sponges are hermaphrodites. What does this mean?

5. Explain how a sponge obtains oxygen or gets rid of wastes. Fill in the chart for sponges.

Cnidarians are an ancient phylum of eumetazoans commonly known as jellyfish

6. Sketch the polyp form of a cnidarian and add these labels: gastrovascular cavity, mouth/anus, epidermis, gastrodermis, tentacle, mesoglea, and gastrovascular cavity.

7. Cnidarians are diploblastic and have radial symmetry. Use your sketch above to explain what this means.

8. What is the other form of a jellyfish pictured here called and how is it different from the polyp form?
9. What are nematocysts, and how do they help a cnidarian obtain its food?

10. What is the nervous system of a cnidarian? Do they have a brain?

11. What is the “skeleton” of a cnidarian? Explain how this type of skeleton works.

12. Platyhelminthes means “flatworm,” which describes the shape of these worms. This phylum is triploblastic and acoelomate. There is no specialized system for gas exchange and it occurs by...
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