Assignment 026 Task A section 5

Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Privacy, Human rights Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: May 3, 2014
Assignment 026

Task A

Section 5

An explanation of the processes used by own work setting or service that must comply with legislation that covers data protection, information handling and sharing.

The data protection act 1998 places responsibilities on organisations such as the setting I work in to be responsible when it comes to protecting the data of others, handling and sharing personal information. We have a confidentiality policy and procedure that complies with the data protection act 1998 and human rights act 1998 protecting an individuals rights to privacy. Any personal information on a child and their families is kept safe and locked away in the office in accordance to the data protection act 1998. In my setting we use an online learning journal, each parent/carer has a unique password. No parent/carer can view any other child’s online learning journal. Some children that do not have access to the internet have a folder journal, this is kept locked away in the staff room, only the key worker has access to this and it will be shown to the parent/carer regularly, the parent is allowed to take this out of the setting. All registration forms are locked away in the office and are kept secure by the manager. All nappy forms, medication forms and all about me forms are locked away in the staff room. No parent is able to see any other child’s personal information. Existing injuries and the accident book is kept in the staff room, all members of staff have access to this if/when it is needed. These books are never removed from the setting. All pictures that are taken in the setting are never shared with any other parent/carer, all pictures are deleted once they have been added to the child’s online journal or folder journal. Parents/carers have access to their own child/children’s files. As members of staff we will not discuss any personal information in regards to a child or family, unless it affects their development needs, for example, ‘the...
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