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Science Learning Modules
Introduction to the Nervous System

1. The period after an initial stimulus when a neuron is NOT sensitive to another stimulus is the ____________. a) resting period
b) repolarisation
c) depolarisation
d) absolute refractory period

2. The part of a neuron that conducts impulses away from its cell body is called a(n) _______________. a) axon
b) dendrite
c) neurolemma
d) Schwann cell

3. Which ion channel opens in response to a change in membrane potential and participates in the generation and conduction of action potentials? a) mechanically gated channel
b) voltage-gated channel
c) leakage channel
d) ligand-gated channel

4. An impulse from one nerve cell is communicated to another nerve cell via the __________. a) cell body
b) synapse
c) receptor
d) effector

5. The substance released at axon terminals to propagate a nervous impulse is called a(n) ___________. a) ion
b) cholinesterase
c) neurotransmitter
d) biogenic amine

6. What area of a nerve cell carries impulses towards the nerve cell body? a) dendrite
b) neurolemma
c) axon
d) nucleus

7. Which one (1) of the following is NOT a function of myelin? a) protection of dendrites
b) protection of axons
c) insulation of nerve fibres
d) speed up nerve impulses

8. Which one (1) of the following is the correct description of a nerve cell conducting an electrical impulse? a) sodium channels in the plasma membrane of the nerve cell are closed b) sodium ions move out of the cell

c) the outside of the nerve cell becomes more positively charged d) the outside of the nerve cell becomes negatively charged

The Nervous System

1. The brain stem consists of which one (1) of the following: a) cerebrum, pons, midbrain, and medulla
b) midbrain, medulla, and pons
c) pons, medulla, cerebellum, and midbrain
d) midbrain only

2. The subarachnoid space lies between what two layers of meninges? a) arachnoid and epidural
b) arachnoid and pia
c) arachnoid and dura
d) dura and epidural

3. The vital centres for the control of heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure are located in which one (1) of the following: a) pons
b) medulla
c) midbrain
d) cerebrum

4. Which one (1) of the following statements best describes the cerebral cortex? a) motor command centre
b) visceral command centre
c) executive suite
d) decussation centre

5. A shallow groove on the surface of the cortex is called a ___________. a) sulcus
b) fissure
c) gyrus
d) furrow

6. Which one (1) of the following statements best describes the hypothalamus. a) is the thermostat of the body because it regulates temperature b) is an important auditory and visual relay centre

c) has the Pulvinar body as part of its structure
d) mediates sensations

7. Ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres are called ________. a) gyri
b) sulci
c) fissures
d) Ganglia

8. The frontal lobe is separated from the temporal lobe by the ___________. a) longitudinal fissure
b) lateral sulcus
c) central sulcus
d) cranial fossa

9. Which one (1) of the following statements about Broca’s areais correct? Broca’s area: a) corresponds to Brodman’s area 8
b) is usually found in the right hemisphere
c) serves the recognition of complex objects
d) is considered a motor speech area

10. The brain area that regulates activities that control the state of wakefulness or alertness of the cerebreal cortex is the _______________. a) thalamus
b) reticular formation
c) pyramids
d) limbic system

11. Which of the following is NOT a function of the CSF?
a) reduction of brain weight
b) protection from blows
c) nourishment of the brain
d) initiation of some nerve impulses

12. Loss of ability to perform skilled motor activities such as piano playing, with NO paralysis or weakness in specific muscles, might suggest samage to which one (1) of the...
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